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About Me

Kathy Mahoney was born in New York, but spent much of her life outside of Boston.  She has explored the visual arts for most of her life, supported by her creative mother who fostered and helped develop her creative talents. Every birthday and Christmas was guaranteed to find art supplies, in one medium or another, presented as a gift.  While exploring art schools to attend after high school, she was urged by her parents to  consider a field where she could "make a decent living". She studied French Language and Literature and Economics at Boston University and later earned her MBA at Simmons University leading her to a long-time career in banking and finance.  The art spark continued to flare, however, and Kathy took several courses at the Boston Center for Adult Education in drawing and pastels. Upon moving to beautiful, rural Vermont, inspiration flared and ignited her interest in seriously developing her artistic talent. Since that time, she has studied with artists Chip Evans, David Gray and Dan Gottsegen.  Kathy seeks to bring the joy of color and shapes that we see in our everyday environmnents to viewers of her work.  She looks forward to continuing her search for the perfect green and to see how many colors can be used and still make something look white!
She currently resides in Woodstock with her husband, Paul, and her puppies, Maisie and Freya.

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